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Pick up a chapter from 2nd grade English or Math Textbook of NCERT and come up with an innovative idea to teach it to children studying in suburban/rural Indian schools.

My Design Process :     Research   >   Define   >   Ideate   >   Create

Diving Deep in Subject:

I asked myself what it would be like to study in a school in suburban and rural areas.

Research Method: Secondary Research


  • Primary research done by Ekstep Foundation
  • Articles on Children Education
  • NGO Findings

Insights / Observations from Research:

From secondary research I got an idea of the problems and tried to find ways (listed below) that could lead to a healthy environment.

  • Distant learning (classroom like)
  • An online platform for classroom interaction
  • Developing a system which would enable learning through mobile
  • Teaching the lessons like stories
  • Adaptive teaching platforms
  • Online textbook depositories

 Understanding the Users:

An extensive study was carried out about users, their lifestyle, demographics etc., which was guided by mentors from Ekstep Foundation.
To view the User Research click here



Understanding the Academic Content:

I chose Chapter 11 of NCERT Maths Textbook ‘Lines & Lines’. I went on to understand the contents of this chapter how children are taught about lines.
Below are textbook pages with its contents

Extra Materials ou­tside classroom:

Below are samples of worksheets which are used apart from classroom study.

While working on various ways of teaching the concept to children, a question popped up in my mind as to: Why was the chapter of lines introduced to children in 2nd grade?

To understand that I went through 2nd and 3rd grade NCERT Math Textbooks.
The answer lied in 3rd grade textbook, it contained Chapters on

  • Study of Time
  • Measurement
  • Direction

Defining Objectives:

Ideating Concepts:

After drawing insights, conclusions and design interventions from the research I started jotting down ideas. Below are 2 approaches/concepts
(sketches & wire-frames)

Concept 1:

The approach was to translate the book learning experience into an App with some tweaking.
(wire-frames & user interactions)


Concept 2:

Teaching lines through a form of story.
(rough concept on paper)


Designing Final Screens:

After discussing concepts with Ekstep Mentors & getting their inputs I zeroed down on 2nd concept of Storytelling. Below shown are the screens and visual treatment given to it.


Thank You

Done in collabration with the organization Ekstep ,the project’s objective was to design an educational app that would ease learning the concept of lines in 2nd grade school kids.

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